Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Drawings to Music

Once again I was treated to a wonderful concert at The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with pieces by Alfred Schnittke, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Valentin Silvestrov and Ludwig van Beethoven. The conductor, Joshua Weilerstein was young, enthusiastic and brilliant! The Mozart piano concerto had Joyce Yang on piano and she was fantastic. The concert was an interplay between traditional classical music and contemporary music which referenced the older music. This was done in a playful way by Schnittke and in a melancholy, beautiful style by Silvestrov. The Sivestrov piece, "The Messenger", had a haunting, synthesized wind sound blowing through it.

Again I sketched during the concert, which I find involves me in the music in a completely different way. I almost feel like part of the orchestra, working along with the musicians. It's also amazing how the music effects the way I draw; faster pieces making me draw more frenetically. The end result is very gestural because the music keeps changing and the musicians' bodies are in constant motion.

Here are two of my sketches from the concert:

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Unknown said...

I always love your sketches!!! And these ones dance to the music :)